[Album] 映画 金の国 水の国 オリジナル・サウンドトラック (2023.01.25)[MP3]

[Album] 映画 金の国 水の国 オリジナル・サウンドトラック (2023.01.25)[MP3]


01 Tale of Two Kingdoms
02 A Bride for a Groom
03 Cats and Dogs?
04 Leopoldine’s Request
05 Beyond the Wall
06 優しい予感
07 Troubled Times
08 Sarah’s Dream
09 Time for Breakfast!

10 Quite the Curious Man
11 The Busy Streets of Al Hamit
12 The Man from Baikali
13 The Gold Kingdom
14 Saladin’s Saz
15 Sarah’s Inner Thoughts
16 Words of My Father
17 Sarah’s Courage
18 Leopoldine and the Flood Gate
19 Fine Dining
20 A Path to Salvation
21 Not That Guy!
22 Luqman Runs Away
23 No Turning Back Now
24 To the Land of Water
25 A Nap for Odonchimeg
26 Princess!?!?
27 The Chief’s Parade
28 Temporary Wife
29 The Chief Awaits
30 Sarah and the Chief
31 Sarah’s Honor and the Drinking Contest
32 Under the Glow of the Full Moon
33 The Price of War
34 Birth of the Waterway
35 Baura Takes a Stand
36 And So the Game Begins
37 Searching for Naranbayar
38 Brand New World
39 Fate of the Lands
40 Steps in the Sky
41 Naranbayar’s True Feelings
42 Two Hearts Become One
43 The Golden Sky Shines Upon Us All
44 Love Birds
45 Welcome to Our Land
46 Peace Forged in Gold and Water
47 An Era of Hope Begins

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