[Album] Beverly – from JPN (2022.06.17)[Flac]

[Album] Beverly – from JPN (2022.06.17)[Flac]


01. Butterfly
02. Ride your way
03. I think I like you
04. VOWS
05. Never going back
06. Slay the day!
07. One Vision
08. My Love, Goodbye・・・

09. Do That
10. I need your love -ENG Ver.-
11. A New Day -ENG Ver.-
12. Signal -ENG Ver.-
13. Again -ENG Ver.-
14. KOKO -ENG Ver.-
15. Be The One -ENG Ver.-
01. Slay the day! -JPN Ver.-
02. Ride your way -JPN Ver.-
03. I think I like you -JPN Ver.
04. VOWS -JPN Ver.-
05. Never going back -JPN Ver.-
06. My Love, Goodbye・・・ -JPN Ver.-
07. 悲しみのJODY

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